“When any person shall die leaving a will under or by virtue of which any property in Sri Lanka is in any way affected, any person appointed executor therein may apply to the District Court of the district within which he resides, or within which the testator resided at the time of his death, or within which any land belonging to the testator’s estate is situate, within the time limit and in the manner specified in section 524, to have the will proved and to have probate thereof granted to him ; any person interested, either by virtue of the will or otherwise, in having the property of the testator administered, may also apply to such court to have the will proved and to obtain grant to himself of administration of the estate with copy of the will annexed”. (Civil Procedure Code)

As a Property Law firm, we provide the following

1. Resealing Foreign PROBATES.

2. All Property Law matters including Drafting Deeds, mortgages and Leases

3. WILL’s and Administrative Conveyances

4. Conveyance on CONDOMINIUM property development Projects AND Prepare Compliance Reports



PROPERTY Law,FOREIGN Probates,Wills,Trust and Conveyancing

January 1, 2017


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