Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Copy-rights, Trade secrets. 

PROPERTY Law, FOREIGN Probates, Wills, Trust and Conveyancing

Resealing Foreign PROBATES, Drafting Deeds, mortgages and Leases, WILL’s, TESTAMENTARY and Administrative Conveyances.

Corporate Law and Company Secretarial Practice

Specializing in Incorporating/ Registering and setting up Companies including, Overseas Companies/Branch Office, Offshore Companies, Private Limited Companies, Associations, Trusts, and provide all company secretarial services.

Foreign investment

Consultancy and sort agreements with BOI, Local company Incorporation, Facilitating Purchase or lease property, Facilitating with Share Investment Accounts (SIA).


“our product ‘reliability’ is an essential
element of any professional relationship and legal security.”

-Andrew Smith


“Commercially” focused legal advice

We committed to helping clients to achieve their goals, by providing “commercially” focused legal advice, with the highest quality, consistently exceed their expectations. We far recognize by standing apart from others because, it is excellent in quality, cohesive, truly global, unique in character and rigorously committing to its values. We aim to be regarded as, one of the Sri Lanka’s leading professional services organizations.

Dedication to behaving responsibly

As a law firm, we fascinate in fairness. That is why “justice around the world” is the theme. We have adopted to express dedication to behaving responsibly. We’re clear that proficiency and deep understanding of Sri Lanka local markets can be positioned for the benefit of communities as well as clients.
It is a core principal of the firm that the practice of law is a privilege, one that carries with it and the responsibility to apply talents for the benefit of less privileged individuals and communities. Alongside the Management System, we always looking for ways to improve behavior, we are responsible and positive participant in the marketplace, which encompass everything from the global market of legal services to the local markets in Sri Lanka.

Leading Adviser

The firm has unrivalled scale on the core areas of commercial activity including Property Law/Real Estate, Foreign investment ((including fortune 500companies); Project Finance, Intellectual property including Trademarks, Patent, Industrial Designs; Litigation; corporate; commercial; dispute resolution; Arbitration, Civil & Commercial Litigation, money recovery, Employment/Labour law; Construction Contracts /Disputes, Maritime Contracts/Disputes, Family law (Divorce, Custody, Maintenance, Enforcements through Hague Convention, Adoptions), Enforcing Foreign Judgments, DEEDS, Lease Agreements, Last wills, Testamentary Matters, Resealing Foreign Probates, Setting up/ Incorporate Companies, BOI Matters, Company Secretarial Services and transactions on day-to-day operations and the most challenging deals.



  • How we can help you?

    Businesses need legal advisors who can help them to achieve serious business decisions dominate the obstacles they face daily; we’ve built the strength to help you do so effortlessly. From the vague regulatory query to accomplish company deals and litigation, our team is equipped to guide you through your business’s strenuous and challenging legal decisions…

  • Building the best team?

    As a leading law firm, we service clients from all over the world. In order to meet their needs and accomplish solutions to their most complex Legal issues and challenges, we must build the best team, made up of individuals with many talents and a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and viewpoints..

  • Creating Professional Relationships?

    In a global business industry, it can often be hard to get to know your acquaintances and colleagues in other firms and locations. You may deal with them by email or over the phone, but that not often bonds to understanding exactly how, or why, they came to be doing the work they do every day or the extra talents and viewpoints they can bring to the table…

  • Why Choose Us?

    Our work initiates the same day we receive the instruction. This proactive approach encourages the most efficient handling of developing matters, often removing the need for measures that would otherwise be obligatory if more time had over and done.

    The people you are doing business with are the associates and colleagues. We understand the urgency of emerging situations so we are available 24/7 until the matter is decided.

    We have the experience to escalate the difference between perception and fact. A combination of audit and operational experience has allowed our direction to scrutinize various businesses from the inside out and to appraise losses or damages caused by a wide range of events involving a variety of industries across many jurisdictions.



Benefits of Registration of Copyright -Amitha Somaweera

There are many advantages of copyright registration. Firstly, registration can reduce transaction
costs. Copyright owners profit from their works not only by using them but often also by selling
or licensing them. For transactions to take place, a potential buyer or licensee would have to know
the identity and contact information of the copyright owner. If getting this information is costly,
fewer transactions are made.

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Existing Legal Framework- Governing Copyright -Amitha Somaweera

Sri Lanka is a party to several international treaties. It is a member of the Rome Act of the Berne
Convention;1 Sri Lanka has only adhered to Articles 22-38 of the Paris Act of the Berne
Convention. Sri Lanka also belongs to the Universal Copyright Convention.

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