Specializing in Incorporating/ Registering and setting up Companies including, Overseas Companies/Branch Office, Offshore Companies, Private Limited Companies, Associations, Trusts, and provide all company secretarial services.

We deal within all key finance and business strain. we are able to deliver a seamless and truly national and international service.

Services we offer

• Resolving patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs and trade secret disputes.
• Preparing and filing the company’s Annual Return within deadlines.
• Maintain statutory registers of the company.
• Dealing with the transfer formalities on a change of ownership of shares and issuing new share certificates.
• Filing of changes in to the statutory registers as required by the Registrar of companies by avoiding financial penalties and reputation risk.
• Telephone support in respect of the above during office hours.
• Corporate administration.
• Corporate governance.
• Corporate restructuring.
• Company formation.
• Partnership agreements.
• Nondisclosure agreements shareholders’ agreements.
• Joint venture agreements.
• Outsourcing agreements.
• Manufacture, purchase and supply agreements.
• Collaboration agreements.
• Preparation and review commercial contracts/agreements.
• Service level agreements terms of business, and more.


Corporate Law and Company Secretarial Practice

January 4, 2017


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