We facilitate and advise on individual and corporate Dispute Resolution including, Litigation at all courts, Arbitration at all forums. We also advise on arbitration and regulatory matters, as well as on risk management, standard employment contracts for employers including disciplinary and grievance procedures, consultancy agreements, written terms of employment and employee handbooks.

People can be the hardest asset to manage and laws can sometimes make that challenge even harder. Our strategy is to help you understand and minimize the risks around every corner. We offer clear, practical suggestions for achieving your business objectives and maintain a calm and resolute defense of your interests in the face of any struggles, disagreements and targets.

We will help you find the right course to steer through legislation that changes regularly and is often complex and confusing. Our aim is to help you manage risk effectively, implement change and capitalize on key business opportunities by providing accurate and unmatched commercially focused assistance.

We assist you with

  • Employment dismissals
  • Handling industrial relations and cooperative issues.
  • The protection of businesses through restrictive agreements and confidentiality and seeking court remedies such as injunctions, enjoining orders.
  • Consulting and conducting contractual negotiations when an employer is looking to appoint or dismiss an employee.
  • Handling the employment issues that arise when corporate transactions and restructurings take place, including outsourcings, both on a domestic and international basis.
  • Handling employee litigation matters in the supreme court and employment tribunals.
Employment law, Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

January 3, 2017