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The benefits of the human intellect that contain the subject matter of intellectual property are typically characterized as non-rivalrous public goods. Basically, this means that the same product may be used simultaneously by more than one person without diminishing the availability of that product for use by others.

We not only dealing with Intellectual Property Registration Process but also, we handle Intellectual Property Prosecution, Brand Management and Custom registration etc. We have excellent corporate clients including Daimler AG (MERCEDES-BENZ), Hero MotoCorp, EMERSON ELECTRIC CO., (a Missouri Corporation) to Small and medium-term clients internationally.

We are recommending on a full range of IP counselling and dispute resolution matters, including IP litigation and arbitration. We experienced in managing Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, Industrial designs and trade secret disputes. Clients benefit from lawyers who trained by WIPO, USPTO in a variety of technical disciplines with experience in Drafting and counselling matters involving all areas of intellectual property.


We offer resourceful and effective service; delivering the suitable legal and technical services and matching the skills of our experts to your specific requirements. Our expertise comprehends the full spectrum of patent matters, from the initial stages of development, to multi-jurisdictional enforcement.

We provide

  • Patent Registration under PCT route and National Phase.
  • Patentability and patent filing patterns
  • IP Audits, evaluating Risks and Due Diligence
  • Patent enforcement, Patent Prosecution and dispute resolution
  • Advice and Instructions on related rights.


Protecting a brand is all about Planning research and coordination. From filing mark to filing a lawsuit every single action needs to be in line with your commercial approach.
as long as a one stop shop for all legal requirements including the search, prosecution, enforcement and exploitation of trade marks. It’s this full-service approach and our unique expertise in prosecuting and enforcing brands that sets us unique. We regularly appear before the Commercial High courts and Supreme courts and we work closely with National Intellectual property office, customs officials to prevent counterfeit goods.

We provide

  • Trademark Registration process [Search to registration]
  • Custom Registration
  • Trademark enforcement, Trademark Prosecution and dispute resolution
  • Advice and Instructions on related rights.
  • Brand protection
  • Advice and Instructions on related rights


In an increasingly design- oriented world, a key distinctiveness between challenging products is their appearance. Companies are now beginning to fully aware of the fundamental role that design protection can perform in the commercial accomplishment of their products. And it’s not just the design of the product itself; the design of the packaging, marketing materials, letterings, logos, signs and GUIs can be equally as important. Understanding the different types of protection that is available to protect designs is more valuable than long ago.
We believe that boosting the value of your designs requires a clear and coordinated strategy of both the preliminary protection of innovative designs (registered or unregistered rights) and the succeeding enforcement of those rights. We can help at every step, from design concept right through to market, providing a one-stop shop for filing, exploitation and enforcement.

We provide

  • Design Registration process [Search to registration]
  • Design enforcement, Design Prosecution and dispute resolution
  • Advice and Instructions on related rights.
  • Advice and Instructions on related rights

Copy rights

Our practice in the media, technology, communications and electronics sectors contributes to an exceptionally well-rounded understanding of copyright law and the integrated commercial issues.
Copyright preserves the rights of the authors of literary and artistic works and ensures them the financial aids and appreciation thereby encouraging creativity in literary and artistic arenas and investment. Such creations boost financial development, enjoyment of life, education and culture. The economic rights can be assigned or licensed. The moral rights permanently belong to the author.
We have leading attorneys, advising a diverse range of clients, which include both traditional and new companies. We devise copyright protection strategies in relation to literature and artistic works, music, film and much more.

We provide

  • Copy right enforcement, Copy right Prosecution and dispute resolution
  • Advice and Instructions on related rights
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July 29, 2017